Mae govannen! (Well met!) You appear to have stumbled across the online-home of The Last Alliance: University of Alberta Tolkien Society. Please, pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.

The purpose of The Last Alliance is manifold; we aim to meet and associate with those interested in Tolkien, and to learn more about the author, his written works, and his sources through discussion, guest lectures and academically-oriented activities. We also foster “sub-creation” and encourage creative output from our members, providing a platform for the sharing of story and song. Lastly, we aim to promote literacy, and particularly, appreciation of Fantasy, in the community.

The Last Alliance not only provides a friendly atmosphere for Tolkien-related literary discourse at the U of A and educates members about the works of J.R.R. Tolkien; we lend a unique flavour to campus and the community, and indeed are one of few Tolkien Societies country-wide. Members can look forward to casual events as well: board game nights, murder mysteries, and other activities that help build friendships on campus.

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